At Sunny Welding Service, we offer a professional service for all types of metalwork. Fabricating steel stairs in Melbourne is just one of the many steel fabrication services we provide. We can build and install steel stairs of different styles for residential, commercial, retail and industrial properties in and around Melbourne. We can also manufacture aluminium and brass stairs, handrails, balustrades and gates.

For years, Sunny Welding has also supplied customised steel stairs with a range of designs to fit different exteriors and interiors while meeting the property’s requirements. Steel stairs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for designs in Melbourne properties for their durability and sleek aesthetics. Because steel is strong, it allows for slimmer architectural designs. Contact Sunny Welding today for helpful advice and a free quote regarding your steel stairs project in Melbourne.


Why Get Steel Stairs Melbourne?

Steel stairs are an excellent choice for residential and commercial buildings for a number of reasons.

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Steel is well-renowned for being able to withstand extreme wear and tear and last for a long time.

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While steel stairs used to be mostly found in industrial settings, they are fast becoming a stylish modern look for your home or workplace.

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Steel stairs can be painted, powder-coated or galvanised.

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Low Maintenance

A steel staircase requires little in the way of cleaning or maintenance.

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Because of the strength of steel, slimmer designs can be used and still be just as sturdy.

Steel Stairs and More

We can put together a steel stairs project, including building the stairs, stringers, rails, balustrades and more. No matter what kind of task you have that requires steel fabrication, Sunny Welding can help! We also do steel fabrication for building, construction, gates, shopfitting and more.

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Residential, Commercial and Industrial Steel Stairs

The highly-skilled and experienced steel fabricators at Sunny Welding can manufacture a wide variety of steel stairs for any property type such as; cantilevered, spiral, stringer, folded plate, central single, double stringer, open or closed string and more. Show us your designs or allow us to assist with design to bring your steel stairs project to life. We’ve helped create steel stairs Melbourne designers and builders recognise. If you’re building or renovating, consider a steel staircase for a contemporary and sleek design to be admired. We can also repair or replace old, worn-down stairs with steel stairs fabricated in our factory. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Choose Sunny Welding Service

We’re steel stair manufacturing specialists. Choose us for your upcoming project!

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The Sunny Welding Steel Stairs Melbourne Process

When you know you need professional steel fabricators to manufacture and install steel stairs at your property in Melbourne, contact us.

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The first step in steel fabrication is the idea behind the task at hand. Present us with designs for your steel stairs and we’ll provide you with a free and detailed quote.

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Cut to Size and Drill

Our experienced welders use high tech tools and machinery to cut and drill the steel beams according to your designs. We’ll then weld and assemble the pieces. 

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Component Finishing

As professional structural steel fabricators, we offer surface treatment services, such as paint, powder coat, and sandblasting. We have the latest technology to apply colour to the finish of your choice.

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Delivery and Installation

Sunny Welding Service will disassemble the project and efficiently deliver the components to your site. Once your building components are delivered, we can erect the final project with prefabricated components that fit together.

Frequently asked questions 

How much do metal stairs cost?

Depending on the size of the staircase, the design, and the type of metal used, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to several thousand. Bring your ideas to us and our team can give you a more accurate estimate for your metal stairs.

Are metal stairs expensive?

Metal stairs can be incredibly expensive, but they don’t have to be. With some clever design and by choosing the right materials you can get an incredible set of stairs for a great price.

Are metal stairs cheaper than wood?

Not necessarily. Metal stairs can be cheaper than wood, but wood stairs can actually be much cheaper if you only need a small set of stairs, and use lower-cost materials like pine.

What is the best metal for stairs?

The best metal for stairs is steel. It’s strong, rigid, and affordable. This means that you won’t have to spend more money on additional reinforcement like concrete, which can make your stairs much pricier than they need to be.