For all your steel welding needs in Melbourne, contact Sunny Welding Service. We’re a team of experienced steel welders providing a wide range of steel welding services Melbourne-wide. We’re the leading choice for steel welding projects for completing high-quality workmanship with fast turnaround times whilst never cutting corners. Our work comes with a guarantee and insurance. For several years, our highly skilled welders have worked on steel fabrication for projects such as shopfitting, display shelves, gates, fences, construction, and more. Call today to learn more, and we’ll provide you with a free and detailed quote. 

Experienced Steel Welders in Melbourne

At Sunny Welding, all of our steel welders are expertly trained and highly experienced in welding and fabrication. Our team carries out all welding tasks with precision, care and diligence. We’re renowned for producing excellent results in a timely manner and always with a friendly nature. We communicate with you throughout the project, feel free to contact us should you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help.

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Steel Welding Melbourne Builders Trust

Sunny welding service specialises in construction and building engineering, onsite structural steel welding, including Arc, Mig, Tig welding, and shopfitting. Our expertise allows us to offer construction steel welding and steel structural service with a 24/7 mobile welding service team for all on-site needs. Using the best in high tech welding tools and machinery, our skilled welders can manufacture quality steel products for your designs. If the final product isn’t matched perfectly to your plan, we’ll happily fix any discrepancies free of charge.

Steel Welding Abilities and Services

Our team can cut, drill and weld steel for a wide range of applications.

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Let us take care of your steel welding Melbourne for any large-scale builds such as for homes, offices, pergolas, carports and more. Sunny Welding Service offers quality cut to size, weld cleats, and plates that can be drilled, painted, delivered to your site and installed to the requirements of your plan.
We fabricate structural steel for various applications; steel beams and columns, steel piles, steel cleats, lintels, T-beams.

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We’ve helped shops all over Melbourne with shopfitting and warehouse requirements as well as decorations, display shelves and more. Sunny Welding’s onsite welding service provides sheet metal and light engineering solutions throughout Melbourne.

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Our steel welding abilities stretch further than just construction; we’re also experienced in welding steel stairs, handrails, gates and more. All you need to do is contact us with your ideas and we’ll bring them to life!

Why Choose Sunny Welding

We’re Melbourne’s leading choice for steel welding services.

Experienced Steel Welders

Quality Workmanship Guarantee

Covered by Full Insurance

24/7 Mobile Welding Team

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The Sunny Welding Steel Welding Melbourne Process

When you know you need professional steel welders for an upcoming project, contact us.

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The first step in steel welding is the idea behind the task at hand. Present us with designs for your project, and we’ll provide you with a free and detailed quote.

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Cut to Size and Drill

Our experienced welders use high tech tools and machinery to cut and drill the steel beams according to your designs. We’ll then weld and assemble the pieces. 

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Component Finishing

As professional structural steel welders, we offer surface treatment services, such as paint, powder coat, and sandblasting. We have the latest technology to apply colour to the finish of your choice.

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Delivery and Installation

Sunny Welding Service will disassemble the project and efficiently deliver the components to your site. Once your building components are delivered, we can erect the final project with prefabricated components that fit together.

Frequently asked questions 

Which welding is used for steel?

There are several types of welding that are used for steel, including Gas Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, and Flux Cored Arc Welding. Most metal fabricators also offer MIG and TIG welding services.

How do you weld steel?

Welding is one of the most widely used techniques for working with steel. It involves using a piece of wire to connect two pieces of metal together. A welder uses heat from an electrical arc or a gas flame to melt the base material and the welding wire, creating a new bond between two pieces as they cool down again.

Can steel be welded easily?

Steel by itself is fairly easy to weld, provided you know how. It’s when you start welding different types of metal together or need to work with incredibly large pieces of metal that things can get complicated. It’s why there are a wide range of welding systems and techniques, so experienced welders can choose the right one for the job and get the best results.

How much does it cost to weld steel?

Costs vary greatly depending on the type of metal you need to weld, the area in which you live and how much expertise you have. The average cost for welding steel is between $50-$70 per hour.

Which welding is best for steel?

TIG welding is the most common type used for steel. However it works best for smaller and thinner pieces of steel, so anything large or industrial may require different techniques.