Aluminium is a popular choice of metal for fabrication in Melbourne for its durability, cost, weight, recyclability and more. The team at Sunny Welding Services have several years of experience fabricating aluminium for various uses such as in warehouses, shopfitting and gates. If you have a project that requires aluminium fabrication in Melbourne, contact the specialists at Sunny Welding for premium services at affordable prices. Call 0499 889 466 and see how Sunny can help you with your aluminium fabrication Melbourne.

Why Choose Sunny for Aluminium Fabrication Melbourne


Our welders undergo expert training and have several years of experience in aluminium fabrication in Melbourne and surrounds.

24/7 Mobile Welding Team

We’re available for aluminium fabrication services whenever you need them.

Melbourne and Surrounds

Sunny Welding offers professional aluminium fabrication services in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.


We specialise in sheet metal fabrication including aluminium fabrication and are experts in our field.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Sometimes through design and application, your welding application isn’t perfect. When this happens, we come back to continue working on getting it right.

Free Quotes

Contact us by phone or email for a free and comprehensive quote regarding your aluminium fabrication Melbourne.

5-year Workmanship Guarantee

We offer a guarantee on the work we do, covered for five years.


All jobs carried out by our team are covered by product liability insurance.

Manufactured in Australia

Our aluminium sheet metal is manufactured locally in preparation for fabrication by our team.

The Benefits of Aluminium Fabrication Melbourne

There are several reasons aluminium is often a preferred choice for metal works:


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Corrosion/Rust Resistant

corrosion and rust resistant


aluminium fabrication within melbourne

No Magnetism

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If you’re considering using aluminium for your upcoming project, speak with one of our knowledgeable team to find out more about how aluminium can be a great choice for metal fabrication works. Aluminium is strong considering its weight and can be made stronger with the addition of small amounts of other metals such as copper and magnesium. Because aluminium is light and malleable, it’s one of the easiest metals to fabricate for various applications. At Sunny Welding, our experienced welders use high tech welding machines in our aluminium fabrication methods to produce high-quality results.

Aluminium Fabrication Services

Sunny Welding offers aluminium fabrication services in construction and building engineering, onsite structural aluminium fabrication including Arc, Mig Tig welding and shopfitting. If you’re building or renovating with aluminium, Sunny Welding can cut aluminium sheets, weld cleats and plates that can be drilled and painted.

We carry out this work in our workshop and have them delivered to your site and we can then install the metal works in line with your plans and designs. If necessary, we have our own crane for works that require it. Our aluminium fabricators will ensure that the job is done to a high standard. We fabricate aluminium for various applications such as:

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Beams and columns

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Lintels, T-Beams

Frequently asked questions 

What is Aluminium fabrication?

Aluminium fabrication is the process of cutting, bending and processing aluminium into a desired shape. It is often used for creating structures in cars, planes and other vehicles.

What are the types of fabrication?

Cutting, punching, forming, shearing, stamping, and welding are some of the most common fabrication techniques. Using these techniques, metal fabricators can cut or mould raw metal materials into a final product. Some will use a range of different techniques outside of these as well, allowing them to achieve even better, more detailed results.

How does steel fabrication affect the environment?

By cutting down on waste and making metal pieces from scratch, steel fabrication can help reduce environmental impact. It also creates jobs in local communities.

Is aluminium easy to weld?

With the tools we have at our disposal, aluminium welding is very easy for us. All we need to do is preheat the metal and then use a TIG welder to fuse it together. It allows us to quickly create tough welds and durable aluminium structures that are used in building and construction projects throughout Australia.

What other types of fabrication are there?

There are many different types of metal fabrication. Other common ones include steel fabrication, custom fabrication & aluminium welding. They all involve using metals and the right tools to create useful products for any industry we work in.

How do you do aluminium fabrication?

If you’re looking to get aluminium fabrication for your project, the process is simple. Contact our team with your specifications and needs, provide us with drawings, blueprints, or ideas, and we’ll give you a quote and get to work fabricating the parts you need. It’s as simple as that!

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