At Sunny Welding Service, our structural steel fabrication services are second to none. We have several years of experience offering onsite structural steel fabrication services in Melbourne. Our expertise allows us to offer construction steel welding and steel structural products with a 24/7 mobile welding service team for all onsite needs. We specialise in construction and building engineering, onsite structural steel fabrication, including Arc, Mig, Tig welding. Sunny Welding Service supplies structural steel material to your specifications for any building in Melbourne. From our factory, our professional welders fabricate structural steel to millimetre perfection. Our experienced steel fabrication specialists at Sunny Welding are focused on quality results and take pride in the skilled workmanship they provide. For all your steel fabrication needs, you can trust Sunny Welding. Call now for more information and free quote.

Experienced Structural Steel Fabricators

Our professional structural steel fabricators have been expertly trained and possess all the necessary expertise, skill and passion for delivering top-quality structural steel fabrication for any project, big or small. We’re specialists in all areas of structural steel fabrication and can help you bring your next building project to life. Our highly specialised team executes your structural steel project from start to finish with ease. Our operations team include:

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Steel fabrication engineers

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Project managers

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Site supervisors

Structural Steel Fabricators in Melbourne

Structural steel is used to construct residential and commercial buildings, warehouses, aircraft hangers, hospitals, school buildings, metro stations, stadiums, bridges, etc. Construction of these structures is done with structural steel design components such as channels, beams, angles, and plates.

Structural steel has become one of the most common construction materials of the century, often seen as an essential component of modern buildings and housing. It’s become viable for any project and offers several benefits, which many building plans rely on for structural safety. Sunny Welding is available for all your structural fabrication or structural steelwork needs in Melbourne. Don’t hesitate to call us to learn more about our services.

structural steel fabricators

Structural steel is used to construct residential and commercial buildings, warehouses, aircraft hangers, hospital and school buildings, metro stations, stadiums, bridges, etc. Construction of these structures is done with the help of structural steel design components such as channels, beams, angles, and plates.

Structural steel has become one of the most common construction materials of the century, often seen as an essential component of modern buildings and housing. It’s become viable for any project and offers several benefits, which many building plans rely on for structural safety.

Sustainability in Structural Steel Fabrication

As the desire for eco-friendly buildings increases, steel will become more convenient for construction projects. It can easily be recycled and doesn’t need to be permanently disposed of, so old buildings or temporary supports can be repurposed into new projects as required. Roughly 97.5% of all steel from UK demolition sites is recovered and reused, according to data gathered by Steel Construction.

Recovered steel components that haven’t been damaged can be reused in other projects, removing the cost of getting the alloy melted down and re-cut as a new part. If a building is being demolished and rebuilt, existing parts could be stripped out and repurposed to save money kept in storage for future projects or sold to another company as components.

Availability in Structural Steel Fabrication

The widespread adoption of steel has made it easy to find, both as a raw alloy and pre-made components. Fabricated parts will often be openly sold by, allowing beams and frames to be purchased directly. Thanks to this, companies can work under tighter deadlines and access a supply of steel parts anywhere in the world.

Steel parts can be ordered as soon as the architectural plan is agreed on, saving time that would be spent waiting for them to arrive at the site. This provides extra time to check measurements and find suitable storage, issues that could generally delay construction by several hours.

Sunny Welding Services is Melbourne’s leading residential structural steel fabricators & sheet metal suppliers. We operate our engineering business in a state-of-the-art facility in Thomastown, specializing in fabricating steel structures and components from medium to large projects for commercial and residential applications.

When it comes to excellence in welding, fabrication, and repairs, 100% accuracy is our guarantee. Through our quality service and experience, we have created a unique place in the fabrication industry and considered as one of the most trusted residential & commercial steel fabricators in Victoria.

We provide complete solutions, starting from effectively conceptualizing, designing, and prototyping to manufacturing, delivery, final assembly to installation.

Our Team

Our highly specialized team execute your structural steel project from start to finish, with ease. Our operations team include:

  • Steel fabrication engineers
  • Project managers
  • Estimators
  • Riggers
  • Boilermakers
  • Welders
  • Site supervisors

Other Welding Services

Sunny Welding also provides mobile welding services in Melbourne as well as stairs and gate manufacturing.

Why Choose Us

As the leading choice for any structural steel fabrication services in Melbourne, choose Sunny Welding.

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Range of Structural Steel Fabrication Services

We fabricate structural steel for various applications:

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Beams and Columns

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Steel piles

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Steel cleats

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Lintels, t-beams

The Sunny Welding Structural Steel Fabrication Process

When you know you need professional structural steel fabricators for an upcoming project, contact us.

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The first step in structural steel fabrication is the idea behind the task at hand. Present us with designs for your project and we’ll provide you with a free and detailed quote.

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Cut to Size and Drill

Our experienced welders use high tech tools and machinery to cut and drill the steel beams according to your designs. We’ll then weld and assemble the pieces. 

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Component Finishing

As professional structural steel fabricators, we offer surface treatment services, such as paint, powder coat, and sandblasting. We have the latest technology to apply colour to the finish of your choice.

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Delivery and Installation

Sunny Welding Service will disassemble the project and efficiently deliver the components to your site. Once your building components are delivered, we can erect the final project with prefabricated components that fit together.

Frequently asked questions 

What is structural steel fabrication?

Structural steel fabrication is the process of fabricating steel structures for use in building and construction. This is usually frames for rooves, foundations, and other parts of the building you wouldn’t usually see.

What does a structural steel fabricator do?

A structural steel fabricator fabricates structural steel for buildings, construction, and industrial buildings.

What is the meaning of structural fabrication?

Structural fabrication refers to the process where steel is created into structural parts or pieces that can be used in construction or engineering projects.

What is meant by steel fabrication?

Steel fabrication is the same thing as structural fabrication and structural steel fabrication, however, it refers to the fabrication of a wider range of steel products, such as parts for machinery, construction, and more.