Our Structural Steel Fabrication Service

Structural steel Fabrication Services

The structural steel fabrication service is the process of bending, cutting, and shaping steel to make raw steel into building materials that you require. As this process requires skilled and experienced technicians, not every company has the capability to provide high-quality structural steel fabrication services. Sunny Welding Service provides the services of cutting steel to size, weld cleats, and plates that can be drilled, painted, delivered to your sites, and installed according to your requirements. We professionally process all of our work and carefully follow safe erection standards of structural steel for buildings.

What should be done in a professional structural steel fabrication service


Ideation is the first part of structural steel fabrication. Whether you are looking to build a pergola or a carport on your property, we can provide structural steel for all building applications. Carefully select the right type of structural steel for your home and commercial construction work is very important. A professional structural steel fabrication service provider should have all types of structural steelwork experience to adhere to the exact needs of customers.

Cut to size and drill

The vendor will have special tools, such as saws, shears, lasers, punches, notches, and plasmas to cut and drill the steel beams according to the project. When cutting the steel, many parts are arranged on a steel plate and there are several intersecting shear lines. A reasonable shear order should be arranged in advance before cutting. In a professional cutting process, the bending deformation of the material after shear must be corrected. The rough or burr on the surface of sheared material must be polished. Besides, the metal near the incision will be squeezed and bent due to the sheer force, and the interface position of structural parts and welding seams must be ground.

Component assembly

Once your supplier has finished cutting the steel, the next step will be welding and assembling the pieces. At this stage, the structural steel fabrication service provider should check to ensure that all parts are assembled correctly and conform to the order specifications.

Component finishing

As a professional structural steel fabrication services provider, if you require some surface treatment services, such as paint, powder coat, and sandblasting, we have the latest technology to apply colour on the finish of your choice.

Shipping and erecting

After the component assembly step, sunny welding service will disassemble the project and efficiently deliver the components to your site. A professional team should pack the components in a way that makes your project to erect at the site easily. Once your building components are delivered, we can erect the final project with prefabricated components that fit together with minimal labour needed

Why choose us

Our structural steel fabrication is used in building a home, factory, and building with steel beams. Using structural steel fabrication in building and home great, as steel fabrication offers great durability and strength. Please see our previous projects in providing structural steel fabrication in Melbourne.

If you need structural steel fabrication for your property in Melbourne, get in touch with us today. As a structural steel fabricator in Melbourne, we will handle your entire project from start to finish right on time.