Steel Fabrication and Interior Design

Timber and stone are very familiar to us as building materials and have been used by humans for ages. Steel, on the other hand, entered the stage much later that often connects to a modernistic aesthetic and mental perception.
With the vibrant Scandinavian design for interiors, this simplistic and minimalist visual language has been modified by designers with metal and chrome work as a stronger piece over the softer colours.
The visual hardness by metal fabrications often contrasts the naturalness of timber and stone for a more unique and exquisite interior design. Even if not using chrome pieces, the effect of metal on the overall design still shines through in small detail.
metal color combinations

Some Metal Colour Combinations That We Love

One of the best combinations of metal and wall are the use of pink and gold chrome pieces. Replicating the iconic Wesley Anderson color scheme, the pastel pink, notably from the Great Budapest Hotel, contrasts nicely with gold. The reflection of pink in gold is not overtly strong that can swiftly fit into minimalistic interior design.
While pink and gold are used for more not-so-everyday locations, like a bar or a restaurant, white and copper are good pairing for homes. White-colored walls are more acceptable for homes because of its subtle nature. Adding a copper-framed mirror or painting offers an extra bit of shine in the interior while being less shouty for everyday living.
If silver is your thing, consider pairing it with grey and blue. Silver is a great addition to the subtlety of grey to create a feature to the interior design. Silver coffee table, for example, is great to compliment grey sofas. Mirrors can do the same magic as well.

Larger Metal Fabrication Pieces

Incorporating metal pieces to existing home design is mostly in the form of furniture pieces including mirrors or shelves. However, if you are designing a home or looking for a big interior design change, metal fabrication pieces might be a better choice for you.
Because metal fabrication interior pieces are made to order or even on-site, you can expect your most extravagant idea to be made into a reality. This may include a metal wall shelve or a ceiling-to-ground metal wiring panel that acts as a visual wall to separate large continuing space.
This unique metal fabrication work differentiates your interior from everybody else. At an affordable price with welding services, metal fabrications for your interior bring a centrepiece to your interior without costing you an arm and a leg.

metal fabrication services

Choosing Your Metal Fabrication Service

Although metal can add exquisiteness to your interior, the quality of the metal fabrication can destructively impact the enhancement. Therefore, the appearance and the quality of welding of the metal fabrication work is crucial to your interior design.
Sunny Welding offers steel fabrication from Thomastown to customers around Melbourne. We specialize in construction-grade welding to offer strong but pleasing welding works.