Custom Metal Fabrication Melbourne

Sunny Welding Service is the leading choice for custom metal fabrication in Melbourne. With several years of experience, our highly trained metal workers can carry out custom fabrication for your upcoming project. Using the best in modern high-tech equipment, our team can craft structured metal fabricated with precision to suit your designs. We create the highest quality custom metal fabrication Melbourne has to offer. Our metal fabrication services are applied to residential, commercial and industrial projects following a high standard of detailed work while using tried and tested materials. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free quote. Call 0499 889 466

Top-Quality Custom Metal Fabrication Melbourne

For any building project that requires custom metal fabrication in Melbourne, call Sunny Welding. We offer high-quality fabrication services, including Arc, Mig, Tig welding and shopfitting, among other tasks. We carry out fabrication with steel aluminium and stainless steel in our warehouse and have it delivered to you to be installed onsite. Using our own crane, we can erect your custom metal fabrication and ensure it’s done safely and securely. If there are discrepancies between design and fabrication, we’re more than happy to come back to find a solution at no extra cost.

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Why Choose Sunny Welding for Personalised Metal Fabrication

Sunny Welding provides top-notch custom fabrication at affordable prices!

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Experienced Welders

We have many years of experience offering onsite custom metal fabrication services in our warehouse in Melbourne.

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Equipment and Tools

We use special tools, such as saws, shears, lasers, punches, notches, and plasmas, to cut and drill the metal.

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All of our workers have been expertly trained and undergo regular training to keep up with industry training.

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Call us any time to discuss your custom metal fabrication needs. We’re renowned for providing an efficient service, getting the job done on time and to a high standard.

Custom Structural Steel Fabrication

If you’re planning to use steel beams for your upcoming construction projection, call Sunny Welding for quality, cut-to-size weld cleats and plates that can be drilled, painted and delivered to your building site anywhere in Melbourne. We can then install the structured steel in accordance with your designs. We fabricate structural steel for various applications:

Beams & Columns

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Steel Piles

custom metal fabrication within melbourne

Steel Cleats

custom metal fabrication services melbourne

Lintels, T-beams

custom metal fabrication services in melbourne

Warehouse and Shopfitting

We’ve helped people all around Melbourne with their warehouse and shopfitting requirements. We’ve assisted with all sizes of building projects, from display shelves to large metal structures and decorations. Our custom metal fabrications services in Melbourne can provide you with structured steel that is perfect for your shopfitting.

We manufacture steel stairs, handrails, and gates to bring you quality custom metal fabrication, enhance the interior design, and upscale the overall textural feeling in any interior.

The Sunny Welding Process

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The first step in custom metal fabrication is the idea behind the task at hand. Present us with designs for your upcoming construction project and we’ll provide you with a free and detailed quote.

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Cut to Size and Drill

Our experienced welders use high tech tools and machinery to cut and drill the steel beams according to your designs. We’ll then weld and assemble the pieces. 

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Component Finishing

As professional custom metal fabricators, we offer surface treatment services, such as paint, powder coat, and sandblasting. We have the latest technology to apply colour to the finish of your choice.

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Delivery and Installation

Sunny Welding Service will disassemble the project and efficiently deliver the components to your site. Once your building components are delivered, we can erect the final project with prefabricated components that fit together.

Frequently asked questions 

What is custom metal fabrication?

Custom metal fabrication is the process of making metal parts that are not standard sizes, or which require unusual methods or processes. Usually, this is done through cutting, welding, or bending metal into shape. Skilled metal fabricators can produce everything from street signs to cars and appliances.

What do custom fabricators do?

Custom fabricators are the people behind custom metal fabrication. They use a range of specialised tools to create custom metal structures, frames, parts and more, either for use by themself or as parts of a larger structure.

How much does it cost to fabricate metal?

The cost of a metal structure is determined by a number of factors, including the size, type and thickness of the metals being used. Only an experienced metal fabricator will be able to give you an accurate quote for your metal fabrication needs. Contact the team at Sunny Welding today for more information.

Book Your Custom Metal Fabrication Melbourne Service

Don’t put off your project any longer. Contact Sunny Welding with your ideas and let us help make them a reality with our professional custom metal fabrication services. We’re a team of highly skilled metalworkers ready to take on your task. We’ll work with you on your project from start to finish and ensure your metal fabrication is done to a high standard for long-lasting results. Call today 0499 889 466