Build an Industrial Staircase for your Melbourne Property

Industrial interior styling stays as a highly prominent design language in Melbourne compared to minimalistic and Nordic visual languages. And one of the keys to great industrial design is quality welding work.
With years of experience welding structures from large to small, Sunny Welding is proud to offer stairs manufacturing for Melbourne and Victorian properties.

Pros and Cons of Industrial staircase

The benefits of an industrial staircase in the industrial interior design is superior. The use of exposed steel structure visually strengthens the rugged look of the interior design while also being an impactful piece.
Be it decorative or not, a welded staircase in a roomy interior, such as a warehouse, is helpful in adding practicality to a space for a second-level application.
However, low-quality welding is likely to negatively impact the said enhancement to the interior whilst posing a structural threat to the occupants.
Visibly, low-quality welding often leaves a huge unappealing seam on the joints. While defects in one or two joints might not be impactful, a stair-wide issue could leave your interior design strangled.
At the same time, quality welding provides structurally better staircases that do not pose a danger to everyone in the building.
The problems of improper welding often surface over time, with the structural integrity beginning to fade. Such will lead to sudden issues that could cost a life.

Advantages of Sunny Welding

Specialized in welding works, Sunny Welding is an experienced welding service provider. We work on all sorts of welding needs, including onsite welding in Melbourne, construction, fabrication work, fence, gate, and stairs manufacturing.
Our experience working in a wide range of projects has sharpened our skills in providing snappy but quality welding works.
Sunny Welding dedicates to the best quality on the market for the benefits of our customers. We are one of the few welding companies that can create fabrication work, fence, gate, and stairs from the ground up.

Staircase manufacturing, think of Sunny Welding.

We work from your initial concept all the way through the manufacture and completion process for your safe of mind.
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